europe and usaI wanted to touch upon a big topic that always comes up in my conversations.  People often mention that working in Europe is more relaxed, easy going, etc.  This also comes along with questions like, “How do we get any work done?”  Especially for me as a Spaniard, people assume I’m taking siestas all day long and I’m up until 4 in the morning.  Which is only true about 75% of the time.  Joking!

The European style of work ethic focuses on a different paradigm than the American one.  Most American companies, at least the corporate ones believe in working long hours to achieve the results your looking for.  This definitely holds its merits, but at what cost?  Are we working our employees so hard that they lose their health and happiness?

I’d like to share with you my personal experience in a couple of topics related to these questions.

More Vacations = More Productivity

vacationSounds crazy.  I agree.  How can a person-A perform better than person-B, when person-B works 50% more?  What I’ve found, in my case, is that taking a nice relaxing vacation or spending more quality time with my family leaves me refreshed and rejuvenated.  When I’m happier and more fulfilled, I work harder and have a more pleasant time doing it.

In addition, breaking up the monotony keeps things fresh.  When I was working as a secretary, tax season used to drive me insane just because of all the data entry.

What do experts say?  In this article, a study mentions that on average European countries have 10 more vacation days than in the US, yet are still toe-to-toe in terms of productivity.

The Importance of Ergonomics

When I first entered the work force, I was just out of uni.  I was 21 years old, healthy and ready to start my career.  I was invincible.  I had the opportunity to work with an engineering firm in the UK where they flew me out and I jumped right into working a 40 hour week.

The honeymoon period didn’t last that long, as soon as my back started acting up.  I thought my body wasn’t used to sitting all day long, which it wasn’t, however the problem actually was: I wasnt sitting correctly.  It was only when I learned about ergonomics (check out Modeets to learn more) when I realized just how unmindful I was being towards my back, my posture and ultimately my health.  Changing my sitting habits allowed me to get rid of the back pain and live much more comfortably. I’m still grateful to my friend who recommended I change my habits towards sitting.  Read below about how I encouraged an initiative to educate the whole office in ergonomics.

My first ergonomic chair was a kneeling chair, and I still use it to this day.  It ‘trained’ me to sit up straight and helped me develop my core muscles involved in sitting properly.  At first it was hard to get used to.  I wasn’t used to putting my shins on a rest.  I was used to sitting in a traditional chair and lazily reclining back.  After I got used to the knee stool, things started to turn around. My posture improved and people noticed.  But best of all, my back pain was gone. I found my chair on the kneeling chair reviews site listed above (Modeets).

Tips on Finding a Personal Trainer

gym coachingAchieving your goal in health and fitness requires you to offer your time and resources. You need to have a personal trainer to help you make maximum use of the training time. Personal trainer can charge quite high. You should therefore get the best result from their services. For you to get the best results you must be working with the best trainer. The big question is: How do you get the best personal trainer? It is quite difficult to make the choice from so many available personal trainers. Here is a guide from Blue Lotus Fitness that will provide you with the information required to choose a trainer whose services will not be a disappointment.

Make a list of potential candidates

You should carry out a simple research to determine your potential candidates. You can do so by asking for referral from friends, searching from the internet or visiting fitness centers near you. You should then start evaluating them depending on your specific requirement.

Consider their qualification and experience

You should ensure that the instructor you choose has the required professional qualifications. He/she should be competent in his/her skills. They should also have enough experience. The experience should be relevant to training.

Their personality

You should ensure that the personality of your trainer suits you. You should ensure that you are comfortable with his way of doing things. Do not go for a trainer who pushes you too hard if you know you cannot handle such pressure. Watch the trainer as he/she offers training. This will give you an overview of how you will relate with him/her as your instructor.

Focus during the sessions

A good personal trainer will focus all his/her attention to you during training. They should have the evaluation forms with them and monitor your progress.

Provision of extra services

Some personal trainers provides some extra services such as nutrition education free of charge. You should consider such trainers since you will gain more from them.

What is the Turbo Force Weight Supplement?

turbo force bottleTurbo force is a health supplement hat helps body builders to maintain their body, increase body mass and energy levels. It is a dietary supplement which helps to maintain routine food and also increases energy levels to work hard and faster. As the name suggests, supplements are resources that help one to manage their daily nutritional wants. One needs twenty five grams of protein a day, when it is impossible to achieve this target by daily eating plan, then, protein nutrition supplements will help you achieve it. However failure to eat your daily working day diet or skip foods and only use supplements will be of no use. It is suggested that one should have a very good diet plan as well as a nutrition supplement to satisfy their dietary requirement.

Having a well developed human body requires a lot of work, to feed the body with enough nutrition and correct nutritional supplements amount plays a big part in development of human body. It is important to note that nutritional supplements are effective when taken in suitable amounts. There are many manufactures that give guarantee for their supplements, but the best supplement is the one you can trust. Turbo force supplement is one that not only satisfies your needs but also guarantees the best results for your body. It protects ones health, increases their metabolism power and their muscle mass. It has many features that help body builders increase their physique quality.

The turbo force supplement has been existence for a number of months. Despite being new, it maximizes electrical power and enthusiasm. The components of this supplement consist of turbo drive of nitric oxide. This component dilates the blood vessels, ensuring a better source of blood to the muscles. Thus, the human body is best suited to different loads which consequently effects when there is need for short periods of rest.

Facts about Tonsil Removal

picture of mouthMany children aged below 15 usually have go through tonsil removal at some point in their lives. Many experience obstructive sleep problems such as irregular breathing, snoring and some even get an infection. Parents often worry when their children need to have their tonsils removed. The cause of worry is usually the procedure, the pain and the recovery process. However, there are several ways in which the tonsils are removed and your doctor can advice you on the best method for your child. Two of the most common ways are as follows (courtesy of

The Electrocautery Method

This method involves using some kind of handheld metal probe which is heated by an electric current. The tonsil tissue is then destroyed by this device and bleeding is usually well controlled. The soft tissue on the throat area is burned and the patient usually experiences pain and longer recovery.

Partial Intracapsular Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

This is a less painful method of tonsil removal and it is also known as PITA in short. It involves the use of a microdebrider to “shave” off the tonsils while also using a rotating blade and a suction to control the bleeding. The surgeon removes the tonsils from the center of the throat towards the side wall. In this case about 90% of the tonsils are removed which is quite a relief for the patient. This is one of the safest methods of removing tonsils because no damage is done to the throat’s arches. The patient will experience less pain and a quicker recovery. The patient also has less risk of dehydration or bleeding.

Do Tonsils Grow Back After Removal?

There is a 10% chance that tonsils will grow back after being removed. The best thing to do after you suspect that you are having a tonsil growth, is simply go back to the surgeon who removed them previously and have them give you a proper evaluation and advice. In case the tonsils grow back, if they are not causing any problems to the patient, the best thing to do is leave them alone.

Tonsil removal is not a complicated procedure but it should be done as soon as possible if it is causing discomfort to the patient.


How to Lose Weight with Personal Training

personal trainerIf you’re interested in losing weight, consider seeing a personal trainer. Continuous exercise and weight loss are definitely dependent on one another when it comes to weight loss. A personal trainer will make sure that your target goal is reached when it comes to regular exercise and weight loss, as it is a major component to a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that routine exercises and body building training, boosts muscle growth and maintenance and also assists you with weight loss.

If you want your body to stay in perfect shape then routine training and losing weight is crucial. Research findings show that routine or aerobic workouts, strength training exercise, and weight loss are the ideal methods that build the body, one on its own its not enough, all of them are important. Actually, continuous exercise and weight loss are the most important elements in having a good looking and healthy body.

By opting for personal training, you can benefit from regular workouts and weight loss. Consider seeking out a pasadena personal trainer. Studies have shown that weight loss mixed with regular exercise greatly reduces blood pressure especially for people with high hypertension, and you if choose to work with a personal trainer who is skilled, it would be much safer for you if you suffer from this condition. Many patients are usually told to exercise regularly so as to lose weight and curb high blood pressure.

If you are overweight or just trying to loose some few pounds, then regular exercise for weight loss will minimize the storage of body fat and also make the body fat less in your body. Coming up with a routine program specifically for your needs is something your personal trainer will assist, so that your fat will go will be minimized, hence speeding up the process of weight loss. Your personal trainer will assist you to eat a healthy diet, and give your body the right nutrients to keep the body going.

At the end of the day, you need to be aware that if you opt for personal training, it will definitely assist you to lose weight for a healthy looking body.


A Healthy Back Helps You Work Harder

This also might not click right away.  But the #1 work-related injury world wide is back pain and spinal injury.  And most of these cases don’t involve physical labor jobs.  The common desk job, if not taken with precaution, is almost a sure fire path to back injury.

back painMy previous employer listened to me when I pointed this out to him.  More people were taking sick days due to back pain, and the trends showed that this was relative to how long they were at the company, not just age.  To them, this meant that sadly they’re playing a role in injuring people’s backs.  My boss started encouraging us to sit up straight and even hired an ergonomic expert to come in and give us a training.  It was a great gesture, but the payoff lasted only about 2 weeks.

One of the main health tactics we use in Europe is preventative medicine.  We like to solve the problem before it happens.  My boss decided he would give us the option of refurnishing our workstations on the company’s wallet.  Most of my colleagues ended up getting either a ball chair designed from exercise equipment.  Ball chairs are a new addition to the office that people are finding to be quite effective in helping with posture issues and as a tool to help fix back pain.  They’re also known as yoga chairs since they’re made from yoga balls, which are commonly used for balance training at the gym.

Most of the others who didn’t buy the ball chairs opted for kneeling chairs, listening to my suggestion based upon my experience with the chairs before.  Based on the feedback from my coworkers, these products are great for making sure you keep good posture throughout the day and they’re very comfortable as well.  Many completely switched over to using this kind of chair and even replaced their home office chairs.

They way they work is in the design.  In this type of sitting configuration, there is more space in the angle of the hips.  There’s a wider gap between between the thighs and torso.  In not entirely sure about how this works anatomically, but the effect is that there’s a very noticeable increase in comfort in the lower back.  I suggest trying one out if you suffer from lower back pain.  The top knee stool is the Office Star.  It’s really comfortable.  The cushions are made from high quality memory foam, so its really easy on the knees.  This is very important for first time users, as it can take a while to get used to sitting this way at first.  It’s also very well built and offers different settings for the height and the angle. I’m really short, so the boosted height is a necessity for me.  My coworkers all agree that the ergonomic review site is pretty accurate in its evaluation of this product.

Other people did things like adjusting the height of their monitor using stands, using foot rests, and we even convinced the boss to let us have an optional yoga class for our lunch breaks.

Focus on Happiness and Contentment

I guess you could call me an advocate of self-help.  I’m pretty logical by nature, being a engineer and all, but I recognize that emotions and mood have on productivity and overall health.  Many studies have shown that happiness has a direct effect on our health.

While we can’t really control what kind of workloads are dumped on our desks Monday morning, we can control how we react to it.  We can choose to panic and select the route of stress, or we can choose to be indifferent towards it.  Regardless of the amount of work, it will still get done eventually and most of all we still get to go home at the end of the day to enjoy the things in life that we do work for: family, food, hobbies, etc.


My personal experience is that with some forethought about how we go about getting our results is going to actually help us achieve better results.  As Franklin Covey said in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, its not just about production, its about production capability.