Holiday to Cuba

Holiday to Cuba

Cuba is calling… and the invitation is just too hard to resist! Holidays to Cuba mean days of lazing under the Caribbean sun, dancing the salsa like there is no tomorrow, discovering its history and culture up close and personal, getting a taste of those famous Cuban cigars or just simply breathing in the sights and sounds of a place imbibed with so much history and charm. The possibilities are endless. Cuba is for the adventurous, the nature lover, the history buff and those who want a holiday like no other. Yes… Cuba is a dream vacation in every way. It is a place that lets you step into the past, forget about the future and just get right into the present. It is a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences all rolled into one.

Cuba is not the largest island in the Caribbean for nothing. The beaches are simply unforgettable. Indeed, its coastline is blessed with white, sandy beaches and warm, turquoise waters, coral reef formations that rank among the world’s best. It is perfect for diving, snorkeling and fishing. Off Isla de la Juventud, there are plenty of underwater caves and sunken ships to explore. Do try the Maria de la Gorda, where there is a fascinating array of black coral. But beaches are not all Cuba has to offer. Rio Toa offers opportunities for white water rafting. If you’re into hiking and mountain climbing, there is the Sierra Maestra with its river gorges and lush forests. Parks such as the Zapata Swamp National Park and the Topes de Collantes National Park are perfect for those who want to go bird-watching and angle-fishing.

For those who are into architecture, prepare to fall in love with the Spanish colonial houses in Havana, the red-roofed buildings and mansions of Trinidad, or the grand plazas in every city you visit. Spend hours uncovering historical and artistic treasures tucked into otherwise unprepossessing streets like Calle Obispo. Museums like the Museo de la Ciudad, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the not-to-be-missed Fabrica de Tobaccos Partagas are just the right places to start your explorations.

And when the sun goes down, get your fill of its nightlife. The undulating rhythms of the salsa, the rhumba and the mambo fill the night air. Now, partying is what the locals in Cuba do best. In fact, festivals come aplenty in this country.

Ahh… Cuba! This is the place for holidays you will not forget. And the best thing is that there are plenty of ways to get it on the cheap!

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