Motorhome Holidays

Motorhome Holidays

The best and popular choice for holiday travellers worldwide to have a true kiwi experience is Motorhome holidays in New Zealand. This style of vacation takes you to the heart of NZ. Campervan, offers you the freedom and flexibility required to fully appreciate the various aspects. Hence, these make New Zealand such a popular destination.


The best time to book a motorhome holiday in New Zealand is during the summer season, December to March, although you will find the weather remains reasonably warm throughout April too. Be sure to check out the following events and activities as part of your true kiwi experience.


Beach Carnivals

Located across the country and held on the weekends, or over the space of a week, you can expect to drive past billboards advertising a local town’s beach carnival. Crowds flock to these events for day in the surf, sand and sun. If you are travelling with your family the kids will love the activities common to these events including: take a kid fishing, sand castle competitions, beauty pageants, Mr Muscle competitions, local band performances, ice cream and BBQ stalls. The beaches are well supervised with lifesaving professionals keeping a close watch.


County Town Market Days

Purchase fresh farm produce and a range of fresh seafood from one of the many country town markets located across New Zealand. These events offer a fantastic way to meet and chat amongst the locals exchanging stories and experiences. Enjoy looking around the stalls that sell everything from homemade jams and pickles to handmade jewellery.


Summer Triathlons

If you are keen swimmer, cyclist and/or runner you could take the opportunity to register in one of the many triathlons that take place across the country. There are triathlons and events for all fitness levels and special events for the kids to participate in too. Alternatively, you can also enjoy being a spectator at one of these events.


Motorhome holiday hire is an affordable travelling option in New Zealand. You will soon discover the huge range of company offerings online when you type ‘motorhome holidays in New Zealand’ into your preferred search engine. You can book anything from a basic model with standard features and economy rental rates, through to luxurious motor homes with all the bells and whistles.


Be sure that you plan well in advance so that you can get everything that you need during the dates you plan to travel. No matter what type of campervan you decide to hire for your holiday in New Zealand, you can still have the same true kiwi experience by incorporating summer events like those mentioned above into your vacation. – New Zealand Package Holidays / Vacations
Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals, with their extensive local knowledge, are here to assist you in planning your New Zealand travel itineraries. We can book independent and guided tours and arrange activities of interest for you prior to your arrival so as to ensure you enjoy a real hassle free NZ motorhome holidays. Contact us today for a travel itinerary that is tailored to your personal preferences and budget.

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