Mallorca Holidays

Mallorca Holidays

Mallorca is considered as an interesting destination because of a warm climate all year round and an authentic Mediterranean charm with mountainous regions, lush valleys, and breathtaking coastal scenery. Moreover, visitors interested in the great outdoors have many opportunities to engage in the tradition, style and natural environment of this Balearic Island which still minimize their ecological impact. Even there is a continuous and improving trend of natural and sustainable harmony with their fine architecture in the older towns on the island.



Mallorca is a fusion of cultures. The history of Mallorca is a good place to start to experience the island, for its diverse variety of settlers have all helped to bring in traditions and conventions that make the island what it is today. From the viticulture and olive cultivation techniques from the Romans, to the religious influences of the Byzantine empire, Mallorca’s Muslim, and more recent Spanish cultures, have resulted in a staggering display of styles and fashions that are still in evidence today in Mallorcan communities.


Villas in Mallorca offer a great way to experience both the outdoors and urban life. Combining the freedom that comes with self-catering and the ecologically sensitive facilities and amenities, Mallorca villas encourage the visitor to take an environmentally based perspective on the colourful and varied surroundings. With many mountain and countryside walks on offer, including some through nature and wildlife reserves, the emphasis on outdoor activities is centred on making the most of the natural landscape. Water sports and cycling are very popular throughout the rural and coastal sections of the island, with some excellent windsurfing locations, especially around the capital city of Palma.


Journeying through the windmill dotted northern plains and into the Tramuntana Mountains, visitors can experience the honey hued villages such as Dela and Valdemosa, rising into olive and citrus groves. Past the rugged Cap de Formentor there lie the fine sands of the coast and family friendly resorts of Alcudia and Cala d’Or. Sunsets are especially stunning from the beauty of Mallorca’s mountains, and the contrast between the hot dry plains and the lush valleys and cool mountain air sums up the island’s diverse natural environment.


One area of tourism that has had a big impact on Mallorca are cycling holidays. Family holidays in Mallorca can be packed with a range of things to do, with a special emphasis on eco-tourism. Bicycle tours are a fabulous way to get out and about, whether it’s into the countryside and farmland, or around the charming towns and villages. Kayak and sailing tours are an excellent way to discover Mallorca’s rich and varied coastline and sea life. With pleasant sea temperatures in evidence almost all year round, anytime can be a good time for a relaxing swim. Experiencing food in Mallorca is a great way to sample the traditions of the island, with olive oil, garlic and pork all recurring flavours throughout a range of Mallorcan cuisine. Starting the day with a cortado (a local version of the espresso) and a traditional Mallorcan pastry is a true delight, while the coastal resorts can supply a fine variety of responsibly sourced local seafood, such as monkfish. Inland, the rustic fare is centred on a nice range of meats and locally produced wines, with rice and local breads combined in a variety of ways as popular staples of this sophisticated island.


Adored by artists, creative types, and explorers for centuries, holidays in Mallorca can inspire anyone and everyone, and with regular flights to and from the UK, getting there is easy.


With so many different facets Mallorca holidays appeal to everyone from solo explorers to beach loving families. While some people prefer to rent villas in Mallorca, Mark says that alternatives like sports hotels are also popular.

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