Short Break Holidays

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Short Break Holidays

After a long and stressful week a short breaks is a great option for a relaxing weekend. A perfectly planned short trip to a neighboring city or even a country close by for a couple of days is not only exciting but refreshing as well. It’s a great way to recharge and unwind.

One possible explanation for the domestic short break trend is the powerful DINKY (Double Income No Kids Yet) demographic. With a high disposable income but perhaps not a great deal of free time due to heavy work commitments, the DINKY’s holiday of choice is the short break. Heading straight off on holiday after work is particularly appealing to a group who are looking to fit as much into a 2-3 day break as possible. They can also afford more than one holiday a year so dividing up their annual leave allocation into multiple short breaks is the perfect solution.

The benefits of short breaks don’t stop there however as smaller holidays throughout the year provide excellent opportunities for family gatherings and activities. Going away as a family two or three times a year as opposed to just once allows you to spread the quality time you spend together for longer. Booking holidays in this way also means that some members of the family who may not be able to make it to one vacation through work or study commitments might be able to go to another and therefore don’t miss out.

Short breaks in Europe  include multiple options for tourists. These short breaks can be arranged according to the traveler’s desire. It can be a cheap weekend holiday or luxury short break designed to entertain and relax. Cities like London, Paris and Berlin offer fabulous short break itineraries for their visitors. From luxurious hotels to excellent cuisine theses itineraries can include everything.

Paris is a shopaholic’s Mecca. Paris offers the greatest brand names in the world of fashion. From expensive malls to flea street shops, Paris has everything for all kinds of tourists. Weekend short breaks are great for shopping in cities like Paris and Milan.

Log on to and you’ll find everything that you need for Short Break Holidays to Amsterdam.

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Cancellation Holidays

Cancellation Holidays
Many people have dream of traveling around the world but just dream, they think they can’t affort a luxurious like this. So people think of another option that is having a short trip to a nearby neighboring country. You want to see the exotic faraway location you have wanted to visit for years. There may be a way you can have your dream holiday after all.


airline tickets

While the term cancellation holidays implies that someone canceled their holiday at the last moment it is not always the case. What is a fact, however, is that if you are willing to adjust your holiday plans a little you may be able to visit your dream island or beach resort after all. Cancellation holidays are holiday packages offered at substantially reduced fees than you would normally pay for the same holiday.



The benefit of taking advantage of this type of offer is that you are certain to find accommodation and travel costs a lot less than you would normally pay for a similar trip. The service you receive at your final destination will not suffer; it does not mean you will be relegated to an inferior room, or lose any of the regular perks that come along with the package.

cheap travel sites


The main disadvantage to this type of deal is that oftentimes you have to adjust your plans. Whereas you may have dreamed of staying at a specific hotel, you may be booked at another. If you were planning to visit one of the Maldives islands, you may have to be satisfied with staying at another. Perhaps instead of visiting Italy you are booked to travel to Greece instead. If you are not set on any one specific location, these types of holidays can be a great and cheap way to enjoy your time off; even allowing you to visit locations you never would have thought possible.


Often times exotic location trips do become available due to last minute cancellations on the part of others. Sometimes it is merely because less people than anticipated signed on for the tour or the package deal and the travel agent or hotel has many empty beds to fill. If you are flexible regarding your plans, you can have a truly wonderful holiday at a fraction of the cost that you would normally have to pay simply by availing yourself of cancellation holidays.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about cancellations holidays and other related topics. Read more about Travelling Everywhere at Vincent O’Neil’s website.

Holidays in Lisbon

Holidays in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city is one of Europe’s tourism hotspots. With a whole range of exciting sights to check out it’s hard for visitors to know what to cram in to a short city breaks. You’ve got enough on your plate to worry about – booking the right hotel, buying foreign currency, purchasing holiday insurance – so rather than spend hours researching which parts of the city to take in during your trip, take a look at the following list outlining five of Lisbon’s most impressive attractions.

After the earthquake of 1755, the Lower Pombal was rebuilt in classical style, but many of the medieval neighborhoods remain, with fascinating shops, restaurants and cafes. The light exception of Lisbon, enchantment of writers, photographers and filmmakers, and polychrome tiles of the walls give it a unique atmosphere.

All rulers left their cultural imprints on the city, thereby making Lisbon an exciting and unique mixture of the most different cultural and architectural influences with Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque and Traditional Portuguese architecture. During the so-called “Portuguese Age of Discovery” between the 15th and 17th century Lisbon became strategi-

cally important as starting point for the Portuguese exploration of Africa, India, the Far East and Brazil. The legendary Portuguese seafarer Vasco da Gama left Lisbon in 1497 to discover the sea route to India.

The most famous and most central, is A Outra Face da Lua. Located in Baixa Pombalina, this extensive vintage store concentrates itself on high quality vintage gear, with second hand dresses, shoes and unique garments through the decades. What’s more, its fun 70’s styled café is the epitome of pretty. With a mouth-watering selection of accessories and fabrics to match, A Outra Face da Lua really does itself proud as the principal outlet for vintage wear in Lisbon.

The “Praça Dom Pedro IV”, more commonly knows as the “Rossio Square” is known as “the old heart of the city” and is an excellent place to start your exploration of Lisbon.

Log on to and you’ll find everything that you need for holiday in Lisbon

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Mallorca Holidays

Mallorca Holidays

Mallorca is considered as an interesting destination because of a warm climate all year round and an authentic Mediterranean charm with mountainous regions, lush valleys, and breathtaking coastal scenery. Moreover, visitors interested in the great outdoors have many opportunities to engage in the tradition, style and natural environment of this Balearic Island which still minimize their ecological impact. Even there is a continuous and improving trend of natural and sustainable harmony with their fine architecture in the older towns on the island.



Mallorca is a fusion of cultures. The history of Mallorca is a good place to start to experience the island, for its diverse variety of settlers have all helped to bring in traditions and conventions that make the island what it is today. From the viticulture and olive cultivation techniques from the Romans, to the religious influences of the Byzantine empire, Mallorca’s Muslim, and more recent Spanish cultures, have resulted in a staggering display of styles and fashions that are still in evidence today in Mallorcan communities.


Villas in Mallorca offer a great way to experience both the outdoors and urban life. Combining the freedom that comes with self-catering and the ecologically sensitive facilities and amenities, Mallorca villas encourage the visitor to take an environmentally based perspective on the colourful and varied surroundings. With many mountain and countryside walks on offer, including some through nature and wildlife reserves, the emphasis on outdoor activities is centred on making the most of the natural landscape. Water sports and cycling are very popular throughout the rural and coastal sections of the island, with some excellent windsurfing locations, especially around the capital city of Palma.


Journeying through the windmill dotted northern plains and into the Tramuntana Mountains, visitors can experience the honey hued villages such as Dela and Valdemosa, rising into olive and citrus groves. Past the rugged Cap de Formentor there lie the fine sands of the coast and family friendly resorts of Alcudia and Cala d’Or. Sunsets are especially stunning from the beauty of Mallorca’s mountains, and the contrast between the hot dry plains and the lush valleys and cool mountain air sums up the island’s diverse natural environment.


One area of tourism that has had a big impact on Mallorca are cycling holidays. Family holidays in Mallorca can be packed with a range of things to do, with a special emphasis on eco-tourism. Bicycle tours are a fabulous way to get out and about, whether it’s into the countryside and farmland, or around the charming towns and villages. Kayak and sailing tours are an excellent way to discover Mallorca’s rich and varied coastline and sea life. With pleasant sea temperatures in evidence almost all year round, anytime can be a good time for a relaxing swim. Experiencing food in Mallorca is a great way to sample the traditions of the island, with olive oil, garlic and pork all recurring flavours throughout a range of Mallorcan cuisine. Starting the day with a cortado (a local version of the espresso) and a traditional Mallorcan pastry is a true delight, while the coastal resorts can supply a fine variety of responsibly sourced local seafood, such as monkfish. Inland, the rustic fare is centred on a nice range of meats and locally produced wines, with rice and local breads combined in a variety of ways as popular staples of this sophisticated island.


Adored by artists, creative types, and explorers for centuries, holidays in Mallorca can inspire anyone and everyone, and with regular flights to and from the UK, getting there is easy.


With so many different facets Mallorca holidays appeal to everyone from solo explorers to beach loving families. While some people prefer to rent villas in Mallorca, Mark says that alternatives like sports hotels are also popular.

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Holidays in Dorset

Holidays in Dorset

To be considered as a place which inspires for poets, film crews and writers with its natural beauty, the dream will become true when you travel to Dorset.Dorset will be in your heart when you can enjoy the beautiful and dramatic scenery and wonders seen in movies.


Dorset is a comparatively smaller county, and this makes it more accessible for tourists to visit all of the attractions, such as the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site on England’s southern coast. Many of Dorset’s beaches combine to form this beautiful coast. If you wish to explore the Jurassic coast you can either take a boat trip or ride on the Jurassic coast bus or even be a part of the rambling tours that lets you experience the Jurassic coast to the fullest.


If you are planning to tour Dorset and have yet not scheduled a trip to the beaches, you are surely missing out on something special. There is a beautiful beach called Weymouth with sandy with shallow waters. This beach offers a multitude of activities such as donkey rides and Punch & Judy shows. You can also explore Avon Beach in Christchurch and Castle Cove Beach in Portland. Castle Cove Beach has limited facilities but is in the central location and hence quite crowded. Another famous beach destination is Bournemouth. Extending over seven miles of sandy coastline, this beach has lifeguards, earning them recognition and awards for safety. If you are visiting these beaches on a family vacation, then these RNL lifeguards will give you complete peace of mind as you will not have to worry about your child’s safety.


If going to the beach doesn’t sound like fun, there is no need to worry. There are ample indoor attractions to keep you busy during your holidays in Dorset. Some of these popular tourist destinations are Weymouth Sea Life Center, Bovington Tank Museum, and Adventure Wonderland. Better still if you are visiting Dorset during warm summers. You can enjoy your visit to the Monkey Museum or may be go to a chimpanzee rescue center. These places are ideal for animal lovers. Got a historical trip on mind? No problem, since this place provides you with places such as Lulworth Castle Park, Highcliffe Castle and Portland Castle.


Holidays in Dorset can also be a treat for the food lovers as the place boasts of some of the best and very diverse cafes and restaurants in the world. You can get traditional English fare like fish & chips at the pubs, or you can have an Italian evening at restaurants like Prezzo. Prezzo is unique because the owners prefer to restore local architecture when selecting locations, so you get a wonderful meal in a beautifully restored building. If you’re in the mood for more international fare, try the Restaurant at The King’s Hotel or Splinters Restaurant. Both offer quality meals for your dining pleasure. Whatever you’re in the mood for can be found in Dorset.


Visit Blue Chip Vacations to know more about Devon holiday cottages.

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Motorhome Holidays

Motorhome Holidays

The best and popular choice for holiday travellers worldwide to have a true kiwi experience is Motorhome holidays in New Zealand. This style of vacation takes you to the heart of NZ. Campervan, offers you the freedom and flexibility required to fully appreciate the various aspects. Hence, these make New Zealand such a popular destination.


The best time to book a motorhome holiday in New Zealand is during the summer season, December to March, although you will find the weather remains reasonably warm throughout April too. Be sure to check out the following events and activities as part of your true kiwi experience.


Beach Carnivals

Located across the country and held on the weekends, or over the space of a week, you can expect to drive past billboards advertising a local town’s beach carnival. Crowds flock to these events for day in the surf, sand and sun. If you are travelling with your family the kids will love the activities common to these events including: take a kid fishing, sand castle competitions, beauty pageants, Mr Muscle competitions, local band performances, ice cream and BBQ stalls. The beaches are well supervised with lifesaving professionals keeping a close watch.


County Town Market Days

Purchase fresh farm produce and a range of fresh seafood from one of the many country town markets located across New Zealand. These events offer a fantastic way to meet and chat amongst the locals exchanging stories and experiences. Enjoy looking around the stalls that sell everything from homemade jams and pickles to handmade jewellery.


Summer Triathlons

If you are keen swimmer, cyclist and/or runner you could take the opportunity to register in one of the many triathlons that take place across the country. There are triathlons and events for all fitness levels and special events for the kids to participate in too. Alternatively, you can also enjoy being a spectator at one of these events.


Motorhome holiday hire is an affordable travelling option in New Zealand. You will soon discover the huge range of company offerings online when you type ‘motorhome holidays in New Zealand’ into your preferred search engine. You can book anything from a basic model with standard features and economy rental rates, through to luxurious motor homes with all the bells and whistles.


Be sure that you plan well in advance so that you can get everything that you need during the dates you plan to travel. No matter what type of campervan you decide to hire for your holiday in New Zealand, you can still have the same true kiwi experience by incorporating summer events like those mentioned above into your vacation. – New Zealand Package Holidays / Vacations
Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals, with their extensive local knowledge, are here to assist you in planning your New Zealand travel itineraries. We can book independent and guided tours and arrange activities of interest for you prior to your arrival so as to ensure you enjoy a real hassle free NZ motorhome holidays. Contact us today for a travel itinerary that is tailored to your personal preferences and budget.

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Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays

A perfect Caribbean destination is Anguilla which is a British territory, north of St. Kitts and west of Puerto Rico with 16 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point. Therefore, it captures every essence of tropical beauty that the Caribbean has to offer. Travellers can enjoy total relaxation coupled with vibrant cultured making it the ideal luxury spa holiday destination.This article will share you one of our favourite resorts on the island, Malliouhana Resort and Spa.


The luxurious and sophisticated Malliouhana Resort & Spa, with its spa ‘Day Suites’, 25,000 bottle wine cellar and spacious, elegant and comfortable rooms and suites is the perfect destination for a luxury spa holiday. The sheltered coves and beautiful beaches all around create the perfect Caribbean ambience, and a stunning setting for this stylish, relaxing resort.


The hotel has just 55 rooms spread over 25 lush, tropical acres and each has its own covered terrace or balcony. You can choose from accommodation in the main house with spectacular ocean views, suites situated on a bluff overlooking the turquoise waters, or a villa on the beach or in and amongst the tropical gardens. There is also the option of further privacy with the Jacuzzi Suites that overlook Turtle Cove Beach and have an outdoor terrace & covered patio as well as a private outdoor hot tub. For even more luxury there is also the Pool Suite that features a large lounge, two bedrooms, a whirlpool bath, several outdoor terraces, private sundecks, their own swimming pool and private access to Turtle Cove Beach.


However, the highlight of Malliohana is its world-class oceanfront spa covering 15,0000 square feet and offering state of the art facilities. This full service spa includes three private spa-suites each with its own outdoor balcony, a supervised gym and fitness centre and an outdoor Jacuzzi looking out over the ocean from the relaxation deck.


The hotel also features 2 restaurants of the highest standard – the award-winning Michel Rostang and the beachside bistro. There is plenty to keep you occupied during the day with complimentary activities including tennis, snorkelling, windsurfing, water-skiing and sailing. The resort is also family friendly with a supervised children’s play area and a pirate ship with water slide and water cannons.


Take a look at the luxury spa holidays offered by tailor-made holiday specialist, W&O Travel, for the Malliouhana and more luxury hotels in the Caribbean.

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Kenya Holidays

Kenya Holidays

Holidays in Kenya are considers to be a perfect vacation with its breathtaking scenic beauty and overwhelming wild life. The Indian Ocean shapes a beautiful beaches for Kenya which lying along the eastern coast of Africa. All names whose Africa’s second largest peak Mount Kenya such as Kikuyu, Embu, and Kamba words “Kirinyaga”, “Kirinyaa” and “Kiinyaa” created the name country of Kenya. All three words can be translated into” resting place of God” in English.


Kenya Tourism

Tourism is the second major source of foreign exchange revenue after agriculture. Kenya holidays offer visitors with a variety of options from natural to man made attractions. Some of the key tourist points in the country are mosques at Mombasa, the Great Rift Valley, the Thika coffee plantations, view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the beaches along the Indian Ocean. However, apart from all these magnificent locations majority of the tourists are lured towards the wild life adventures that Kenya is renowned for.


Wildlife In Kenya

The name Kenya has often been synonymous with wild life. The country is also said to be the home to the big five – elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino. But this is not all that Kenya holidays have to offer. A run through the list of animals presents a much wider picture. Not only mammals but also birds and reptiles! The national parks are home to animals like the hippopotamus, elephants, spotted hyenas, impalas, leopards, lions, giraffes, vervets, warthogs, rhinoceros, yellow winged fruit bats and the list will go on and on. In Kenya one can spot a myriad variety of birds like the baglafecht weaver, barn swallow, black-chested snake eagle, black-headed heron, black crane, blue-cheek bee-eater, common ostrich, and much, much more. The reptile population is no less which includes the crocodile, chameleon, skink, tortoise to name a few.


The fact that Kenya has 48 national parks, including marine parks, is proof in itself about the great wild life reserves the country takes pride in. It would not be an easy task to list down all of the national parks, their reserves, and the attractions each one has to offer, so wide a variety exists. To get a tiny glimpse of the larger picture some of the well known national parks are:


Amboseli National Park – this low rainfall area offers one of the world’s best wild life viewing experiences.


Lake Nakuru National Park – this park is best known for the millions of flamingos that nest along the Lake Nakuru shores.


Mount Kenya National Park – the national park along with forest reserve was declared a World Heritage Site since 1997.


Nairobi National Park – established in 1946 it became the first national park of the country and is one of the country’s most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries.

Kenya Cheetah Safari

When out on a safari every tourist would be eager to spot one of those rarely sighted animals. One such animal is the cheetah. Being the fastest land animal the cheetah has been admired by all – children and grown ups. To satisfy the curiosity of all, special cheetah safaris have been designed. Cheetahs can be seen in the Samburu National Reserves as well as the Masai Mara National Park. As statistics reveal, not many cheetahs are left in Kenya and the numbers are decreasing fast. Efforts have been started to conserve this super agile animal but its status is still that of a vulnerable creature. offers great vacations like Zanzibar holidays and Kenya safari holidays. The safari allows an opportunity to view lions, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes and many other wild beasts.

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Holidays in Goa

Holidays in Goa
Goa is the city of modern and traditional aspects of life. Let’s make it your place to hangout during the summer season. There are pulsating nightlife and casinos which are most attractive to you. You also can explore the fascinating charms of this beautiful destination, dotted with Gothic churches, exotic beaches, cascading waterfalls, the forests and wide spread spice gardens, which are unique in their own way.


Churches in Goa

Churches of Goa are the masterpiece of Portugal architecture. The intricate work on the walls of sixteenth and seventh century churches reflect the artistic taste of Portugal rulers. Goa Basilica of Born Jesus is the gem in the crown of Goa churches. It was built in 1605 and is declared as World Heritage Site. It treasures the relics of St. Francis Xavier. Other worth seeing monuments includes Goa Se Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi, Church of Lady of Rosary, Church of St, Augustine and Church of St. Cajantan and many more.


Goa Beaches

Enjoy the exciting sandy pleasures of life at Goa beaches. Spend the moments of leisure under the canopy greyish sky and fall in love with bountiful nature near the azure water. Experience the leisure while lying on warm sands, under the shade of palm trees. Theses beaches allure the visitors for its celebrations of sizzling night parties. As the day is about to set, the environment here turns out to be more lively and enjoyable. The whole atmosphere is filled with electrifying music, that makes your body shake on the rhythm of fast beats. The laid beaches beckon every visitor for its mesmerising environment, where they relax in the shade of colorful umbrellas while sipping some exotic drinks.


Another prime attraction here is the Goa Beach Shacks. These shacks are the traditional Fisherman’s hut, where the tourist can enjoy some unforgettable moments. For the comfort of guests, the huts are equipped with required services and facilities including beach beds, music, accommodation, umbrellas, towels, etc. Relish at delicious varieties of food items cooked in a traditional way.


Spice Plantation in Goa

Ponda situated in the central Goa is a hub of spice plantations. People here use organic methods of cultivation and farming. Explore the sprawling gardens and farms of varieties of spices. Some major spices produced here includes black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, cashew, chillies and betal nut palm.


Adventure Sports in Goa

Goa provide travel buffs with several options of water sports. Azure water bodies allures the visitors to indulge in some thrilling adventure activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, para sailing, scuba diving and angling. Make your trip more fun filled by riding on water scooters.


Enjoy the sightseeing tour and indulge in some exciting adventure sports in your Goa holidays. Every part of the region is filled with surprises for the travelers with different taste.


Goa Beach Holidays


Goa Beach Holidays provide info on Goa churches, beaches, spice plantations, adventure sports in Goa, Goa holiday trip and Goa tour packages.

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Holidays in Hell

Holidays in Hell

Surrealism supplanted reality the moment I landed in Pyongyang, North Korea. In front of the airport terminal, beneath an enormous painting of Kim Il-Sung, a long line of women in traditional dress chanted “Welcome Pyongyang!” as they pumped their fists in the air.

At the airport I was paired with an “escort” who wouldn’t leave my side the entire time I was in the country (I swear he even slept outside my hotel room). He took possession of my passport and began a nonstop barrage of propaganda the moment we got in the car: “Scientific socialism is alive and well in North Korea. The Great Leader said the socialist countries of Eastern Europe failed because they forgot to factor in the crucial ingredient of love.” Etc, etc, ad nauseum (add nausea).

Pyongyang is a city of ten-lane streets, marble monuments and grand public buildings. Murals of Kim Il-Sung adorn every corner. It’s a Potemkin village on an enormous scale, built to dazzle the few foreign guests and delegations permitted to visit. It feels like a stage set, or like walking through an engineer’s conceptual model. There’s a sense of barely maintained illusion, of a collective effort at make believe. The grandeur is faked, and history is rewritten to suit the message of the day.

Pyongyang has the highest living standards in the country, though among everyone except the tiny elite these standards aren’t very high. In the countryside is starvation. Soldiers are everywhere. Both men and women are in uniform. For many, enlistment is the only way to ensure regular meals. In North Korea the military is fed first and is first to benefit from foreign aid.

Only those most loyal to the regime are permitted to live in the capital. Old people, cripples, and the extremely ugly are banished to the countryside. Even the female traffic control police are said to be chosen for beauty rather than ability. It wouldn’t matter anyway; there isn’t any traffic.

From a distance the facade is impressive. The public buildings are incredible examples of the Communist Realist style. The many apartment complexes appear well organized and comfortable in their neat little rows. But closer inspection reveals drab grey concrete structures that seem about to collapse from sheer depression and lethargy. Many lack window glass. Thanks to chronic electricity shortages most of them lack heat during the harsh winter, as well as elevators and running water. At night they’re lit by a single bare bulb, and through each window the regulation framed pictures of the Great Leader Kim Il-Sung and the Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il are visible on every wall.

A trip to North Korea will give you an unbeatable trump card in the game of traveler’s tales. The Hermit Kingdom is the most difficult country in the world to visit, and nothing comes close to the dislocation of stepping into its alternate reality.

But a journey there goes beyond travel coups and dumb escapes. Places like North Korea need to be visited, and as travelers who have been there, we’re responsible for talking about what we’ve seen. The stories of their people must get out and the world must take notice on a human level if there’s to be any sort of lasting change.

Ryan Murdock’s pursuit of travel literature has taken him to some of the world’s most unforgiving places, including Mongolia, Tibet, Nicaragua, and North Korea, by Russian jeep, motorcycle, dugout canoe, horse and camel. Please visit to learn more about his adventures and to follow his Road Wisdom blog.

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