Holidays in London

Holidays in London

Are you planning a trip to the exciting British capital? Make sure to read this article before your holiday to get an overview of the transport system and the most touristic sights.

If you are booking a cheap flight with a low-cost-carrier then you need to watch out for the hidden costs. Often these agencies charge you extra for luggage, online payment and now Ryanair started to charge the use of the toilet. Compare the different offers before you book anything and find a nice offer for a low price. The cheap airlines mostly fly to London Stansted or Gatwick from where you take a train to the city centre. They operate regularly every 30 minutes and take only about the same time until they arrive in London. From there best is you take the tube or a taxi to get to your accommodation.

Before you start your holiday you should have some overview and an idea of what you will be doing in London as the city offers you so much you will get lost or miss important things because you haven´t heard of them before.

If you have never been to London before you should start your tour at the Trafalgar Square as it is the main square in the city centre where you see the Nelson Column with the famous lions that protect it. From here you can go and see the Buckingham Palace and the change of guards that is really popular. In case you want to spend some relaxed time go to one of the parks e.g. The Green Park or Hyde Park and enjoy some beautiful quiet moments right in London.

Families should go and see the Natural History Museum as it is incredibly exciting for children and the entrance is free for the permanent exhibition. When you enter the entrance hall the huge skeleton of a dinosaur will welcome you and fascinate everyone. You can stay there ages and explore the world´s miracles.

Furthermore if you are traveling to London for the first time you should make sure to see all the most important touristic sights like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and the many more.

I hope you enjoy your holiday and spent some great time in London!

I have been to London a few times and would like to share my experiences with those who would like to go there. I always stay in an apartment London as it guarantees me more privacy and freedom.