Holiday in Modern Bintan

Holiday in Modern Bintan

Bintan island, part of the Indonesia Riau province, has 105 kilometers of coastline. It is a tropical paradise with sugary white sand. Bintan used to be covered with dense rainforest but the jungle is now confined to the mountain.  In the last decade, there has been huge investment in Bintan, transforming it from a hitherto unknown island to a happening tourist destination. Alongside industrial advances, there has also been a profusion of 5 star hotels in Bintanand 4 star hotels in Bintan. Bintan is also popular because of its easy accessibility from Singapore. It is only a 2-hour boat ride away but seems like an entire universe apart from busy bustling Singapore.

Tanjung Pinang is the main port town on the island and is now a thriving little trade centre. The town has some charming old style buildings built on stilts. Lately, it has seen many 4 star hotels in Bintan mushrooming to cater to the business visitor from other parts of Asia. Visit the town for a meal and feast on some excellent sea food, freshly caught and cooked and then set back to your 5 star hotels in Bintan.

Meander through Ancient Times

Penyengat Island is an excellent destination for lovers of history or for people who’d like to meander around the historical ruins and imagine the rich royal life long past. Some of the old ruins such as the palace and the royal tombs have been recently restored. The island can be reached in minutes from Tanjung Pinang. There is an old mosque here, still in use, which is said to be made primarily from egg albumin.

The tourist area of Bintan is centered around Lagoi. This is where the famous 4 star hotels in Bintanand luxurious5 star hotels in Bintan are. Lagoi has its own little port to enable tourists to reach the resorts directly without passing through the town. Lagoi is known as a golfing haven boasting of 3 world class golf courses designed by renowned course designers.5 star hotels in Bintanhave their own private beach, pools and activity centers offering diving, snorkeling and more, allowing guests to indulge in the past times of their choice. For a romantic drive, head to lovely Trikora beach on the east coast of the island. Opens out the Luxurious Secrets of 5 Star Hotels in Bintan

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